The following is a list of Dr. Wank’s upcoming webinars. There is no fee to attend, and you can register by clicking the appropriate link in the table below.  If you have any questions, please visit our contact page.

TitleDateStart TimeDurationRegister
SSL for Dental and Medical Websites: Do You Need to be Secure? In this free 45-minute webinar, Dr. David Wank, COO of Short Hills Design, will discuss SSL (secure sockets layer) concepts and implications for healthcare websites.

The key is for you to understand the WHY of SSL and the pluses and minuses of implementing SSL on your dental or medical website. And while I will give you a big picture of how it's done, I do not expect you to implement SSL on your website on your own, as doing so does require some technical expertise.

We will:
1) Review SSL from a non-technical standpoint
2) Discuss why Google is slowly encouraging SSL
3) Explain advantages and disadvantages of SSL
4) Discuss implementation of SSL on WordPress (slightly technical - slides will be made available).

All dental team members are welcome to attend!
8/23/20178:30pm EDT45 minutes
The Americans with Disabilities Act - Updates and Recommendations for your Dental or Medical Website In this free 45-minute webinar, Dr. David Wank, COO of Short Hills Design, will discuss the current regulatory state of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the implications for healthcare websites.

1) We will talk about what the ADA is, and why businesses are getting demand letters about accessibility problems.

2) We will review the layout of current standards and how to navigate these standards.

3) Dr. Wank will then go over his current recommendations about what dentists and physicians should do at the current time.

All dental and medical team members are welcome to attend!
9/13/20178:30pm EDT45 minutes