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Find Where Patients Come From

Easily Learn WHERE on the Internet Your Patients Found You!

How did that new patient end up in your chair?

One of the most difficult parts of Internet Marketing is trying to tie new patient acquisitions to the exact source of your marketing efforts. Compounding the problem is the fact that most of the intake forms that we use in our practices,  whether online or on paper, don’t get into the specific details about where on the Internet a new patient specifically found you.

In an effort to help you figure our where your patients are coming from, I’ve created a single page “Patient Intake Addendum” that you can hand out to all of your new patients.  Even if you are using an online patient registration portal, you can still hand your new patients this single page.

The idea behind it is simple — I’ve created a Word document that’s 100% editable. There is a placeholder for you to add your logo, and you can customize the list of sources that the patients can select. For example, if you don’t use Google AdWords, you can easily delete this choice from the list.

And remember, even a little bit of information is valuable — especially when the other choices are “Radio Ad and Newspaper Ad”.

You can download the file here:

Word document (for you to edit)

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch at

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