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How to Check to See Who Owns a Domain Name and When it Expires

This video will show you how to (1) check to see who owns a domain name and (2) to see when the domain name registration term expires.  Note that the website we are using to find this information is “” (not .com) — and of course you don’t put the quotes in when you type the name “” into your browser.

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How to Register a Domain Name at

This video tutorial for The Web Design Workbook for Dentists will teach you how to register a domain name at When watching the video remember the section in the book that discusses the importance of the name being registered to YOU, as well as the discussion about .com vs. net considerations.

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How to Forward a Domain Name at

This video tutorial will show you how to forward one domain name to another domain name. For example, if you want to make it so that when people navigate to they are automatically forwarded to, then this video will show you how to do so.

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