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[FREE]: SEO Campaign Start to Finish Live Walk-through

Basic Setup


The primary tools we are going to be using in our live blog SEO campaign are:
1) Google Analytics
2) Google Search Console
3) SEMRush (paid service).

We will also be looking at Google My Business later in the process.

Setting a goal and geography 

1) Before we start our campaign, we need to set a goal for our campaign. And because we are in a competitive market in Charlotte, let’s aim for 10% increase in organic traffic. Of course we want more, but we need to pick a number for later evaluation.

2) We also need to decide on our geographic location. Dr. Payet is in Charlotte, but let’s set North Carolina as our baseline geographic target for reporting in Google Analytics, as we don’t want to isolate people outside of that metro area. Of course we can zoom in to Charlotte later on for more focused reporting. 

Baseline organic data

Using Google Analytics we:
a) created a segment for North Carolina
b) found that our organic traffic for North Carolina averages 262 per month. (Acquisition -> Channel -> Organic)

organic analytics


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