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Drive Traffic to your Website with Professional Content Written by Dr. Wank

TreatmentContent is Short Hills Design’s new Blog and Social Media posting service.

Before you can get new patients from your website, your website needs to have adequate traffic. And one of the most reliable and inexpensive ways to get this traffic is by producing content.
We understand that running an office and treating patients takes an incredible amount of time, leaving little time to focus on your practice’s marketing — not to mention writing content.  In order to help relieve the burden, Dr. Wank has developed our TreatmentContent program.
TreatmentContent has two key goals:

  1. To drive traffic to your website and increase engagement on social media
  2. To learn what services interest your demographic the most

How Does TreatmentContent Work?
TreatmentContent is a 6-month program. Each month we post two standardized blog posts to your WordPress website’s blog, and posts links to these posts on Facebook and Twitter.  In order to learn the most about what your website visitors are looking for, the content is grouped by service (e.g. the two posts for month one are about dental implants, the two posts for month two are about cosmetic dentistry, etc).
At the end of the six-month period, we will provide you with a report that analyzes which of the blog posts had the most engagement on your website, and on social media. Thus, you will not only have twelve new blog posts, but you will have concrete data that can give you insights into what services interest your patient population.  Armed with this knowledge, you can focus your marketing to target these services in more depth.
Who is Dr. David Wank? Why are his Content-Writing Services in Such Demand?
David A. Wank, DMD is a practicing general dentist and the President and COO of Short Hills Design. His dental degree is from Harvard, and his undergraduate degree in English Literature from Tufts University. Dr. Wank lectures across the country about Internet Marketing, and is the author of the landmark book, “Internet Marketing for Healthcare Providers“.  He is a former editor of the NJAGD Wisdom.
Will Google Give Me a Penalty for Non-Original Content?
It’s very unlikely. In the past we only built websites for clients who were willing to write their own content, as Google was very strict about original content. However, since Google has clarified their expectations, we are confident in the ability of our content to work for everyone. For example, Google has implied that if a dentist in California has the same tooth-whitening blog post as a dentist in Colorado, Google will not penalize either website provided that the pages are not spammy. And by spammy, Google is referring to pages that are loaded with links that are designed to drive traffic in an unethical manner.
How Does TreatmentContent Integrate with TreatmentNews?
TreatmentNews is our email newsletter-development service that builds upon the content posted in TreatmentFocus. Learn more about how TreatmentNews will free you and your staff from the burden and complexity of having to manage email newsletter design, development, testing, distribution and reporting – so you can spend time providing patient care.
To learn more about TreatmentContent or to signup, please contact us and Dr. Wank will get in touch with you.
Note that because TreatmentContent Blog and Social Media Posting service is a pilot program, the fees are currently heavily discounted.

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