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Let Patients and Prospects Keep Your Practice in Mind with Email Marketing

TreatmentNews is Short Hills Design’s new email newsletter marketing program.

The goal of TreatmentNews is to take the content published in our TreatmentContent program and distribute it to your newsletter recipients — existing patients and potential patients. And if you don’t already have a newsletter mailing list in place, we will help you begin to generate one as part of the program.
TreatmentNews is only available as an upgrade for TreatmentContent subscribers; it is not available as an individual service.
Because you never know which outlet people use to get their information, it makes sense to reach out to every avenue to maximize your reach.  This is a concept that Dr. Wank coined, “Write Once, Use Everywhere”.  The idea is simple: produce a single piece of content, and the distribute so as many people as possible can consume it.
The blog posts on your site from TreatmentContent, for example, target the people who visit your site from a search engine. The reason we cross-post the articles to your social sites, therefore, is to get in front of people who find their information on Facebook or Twitter. And finally, sending out links to the posts via an online newsletter targets your subscribers.  Hence, when you use the Innovation Suite, you can be sure that your content is getting in front of as many people as possible, so they can access it in the way they prefer the most (search engine, social media, email newsletter).

Email Marketing. Simplified.

It’s stands to reason that if you have limited time to write content, you have even less time to syndicate the content via an email newsletter. That’s where TreatmentNews can help. With TreatmentNews, we will setup, configure, design, produce, test, and send two email campaigns per 6-month period.  Both of your email newsletters will highlight the content developed in TreatmentContent. The first newsletter will highlight the first six articles, and the second newsletter will highlight the second six articles.
To learn more about TreatmentNews or to signup, please contact us and Dr. Wank will get in touch with you.
Note that because TreatmentNews Email Marketing is a pilot program, the fees are currently highly discounted.

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