A/B Testing for Healthcare Websites

TreatmentTest is Short Hills Design’s new split testing program for dental websites.

Once your website has adequate traffic, the next step is to try to improve the rate at which you achieve your website’s goals.

What is Split Testing?

A/B Testing or “Split Testing” is the technique where you randomly present different options to different visitors in order to determine which option does a better job at achieving your goal.

Let’s look at an example:

Assume your website has a “Contact Us” button that leads to your contact page. People click it, and you want to try to get more people to click it.  

Goal: So your goal is to drive more traffic to your contact page.  

Hypothesis: The next step is to make a hypothesis about what change you could make. In this case we could hypothesize that “people will click a ‘get in touch’ button more than they would click a ‘contact us’ button. 

Test:  So now we test this hypothesis with an A/B or split test where 50% of visitors will see a “contact us” button and 50% of visitors will see a “get in touch” button.

Result: After a mathematically determined time period to achieve statistical relevance, we examine the results to see if more people visited the contact page when they saw the “contact us” text, or if they saw the “get in touch” button.

Action: If the control text (“contact us”) test performed better, then we will try a different test with a new button text variation.  However, if the experimental text (“get in touch”) performs better than the control text, we can — with statistical evidence — switch the button text to “get in touch” for every visitor.

So what we have effectively done here is increased the number of visitors to your contact page by simply changing the contact button text – with statistically backed evidence that the experimental text performs better.

How We Can Help

You will work directly with Dr. Wank. He will first help you determine goals for your website and find pages on your site that are A/B-testing candidates for these goals.  Dr. Wank will then generate a hypothesis and a test strategy, and will implement the test for you. And once the test has completed, Dr. Wank will help you implement any changes to the site.  Contact us for more information, and to start learning how changing a line of text can make a difference between a chair with a patient in it, or a chair that sits empty.