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Get New Patients with Lead Generation

Treatment Mail is Short Hills Design’s new lead generation program for dentists.

The idea behind Treatment Mail’s lead generation approach is straightforward:

  1. You select the services you want to promote (such as dental implants or Invisalign, for example).
  2. A targeted popup box appears on your website that invites visitors to learn more about the service.
  3. The visitor – who is now lead – subscribes and receives a series of three professionally written and clinically accurate emails* that educate the lead about the subject and promote your practice for the service (*Dr. David Wank writes all of the content. He is a practicing general dentist with a DMD from Harvard and is the President and COO of Short Hills Design).

In the video below, Dr. Wank explains how TreatmentMail works:

To learn more about TreatmentMail or to signup, please contact us and Dr. Wank will get in touch with you.
Note that because Treatment Mail Lead Generation is a pilot program, the fees are currently highly discounted.

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