Proactive Web Design

What are "Proactive Websites"?

Our Clients Have Total Ownership

At Short Hills Design, Dr. Wank and his team believe that clients should own their own websites, own their own content, and have the ability to work with any vendors and providers they see fit. Whether our clients work with us long term (which we love) or with other companies, we do not believe in tying down our clients to a proprietary platform or placing unreasonable restrictions on what our clients can and cannot do with their sites.

Our Code Aligns with WordPress Standards

Some websites are design with custom code, which essentially means that only the people who built the site can easily change it or update it. All of our sites, however, are coded with WordPress development guidelines in mind (the WordPress codex) so that any WordPress developer can easily edit one of SHD’s websites.

Our Websites are Built to be SEO-Ready

All of our sites are built with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind so that if a client elects to start an SEO Campaign, minimal if any changes need to be made to get the website ready for SEO. Such factors include using an efficient code base, proper placement of scripts, and optimization of images to reduce load time.

Learn more about our WordPress websites for dentists and physicians. Or contact us to schedule a complimentary call with Dr. David Wank to discuss your questions and goals.

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