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2012 Review: Meta Tags vs Keywords – Dental Websites and Medical Websites

It’s very important not confuse META tags with keywords – this is still a very common mistake that people make.  In my book I go into greater details about keywords and about selecting appropriate keywords for SEO, but here’s a quick look at <META> tags and keywords:  This is one of those cases where semantics really makes a big difference.

Meta or <META> tags

A <META> tag is a very specific group of HTML tags (HTML is the basic web programming language) that can give instructions to web browser and  give a search information regarding what a website is about.  In the past the <META keyword=””> tag was used to tell search engines what a website was about. Because of abuse of these tags, GOOGLE DOES NOT LOOK AT <META keyword=””> tags.  There are many other HTML <META> tags such as “robots, no robots, refresh” and the list goes on.You do NOT need to worry about these <META> tags
The <META> tag that Google does look at is the <META description=””> tag, as Google will often use the contents of this tag to show on the first line of Google search results under the main link to a website.
So a  “Keyword” per se is NOT a <META> tag and has nothing to do with the <META keyword=”>tag I described above.  

Website Keywords

As I detail in my book, Internet Marketing for Healthcare Providers, Keyword are simply words or phrase that are used in the content of your website.  You can also think of keywords as search terms that someone would enter into a search engine such as Google.  Thus, for example, “dentist short hills nj” is a keyword, and so it “dentist 07078”, and so is “best dentist short hills nj”.
In summary, <META> tags are HTML parameters that are used to provide information to a web browser and sometimes to a search engine – you as the practitioner really don’t need to get too involved with these tags..Keywords, however, are the actual content that makes up your website, and these keywords are what you want to focus on when thinking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when your design your dental website or your medical website.  And in order to have the best keywords, you NEED to contribute to the content writing on your website.

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