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Google Plus Local has Changed

Significant Changes are Coming to Google + Local

Google Plus Local pages have recently received an esthetic and functional makeover.  At this time, the new look and feel is optional, but as Google has done in the past, it’s likely that this update will be rolled out over time,

The Old Google Plus Local Look

The old look of Google Plus Local pages is below. Notice all of the contact information.

The New Google Plus Local Look

Here is the look of the new Google Plus Local.  Notice that only the business address is present and the rest of the business information has been removed:

What are the Major Changes?

According to BrightLocal, the following information has been REMOVED from the new incarnation of Google Plus:

  • Phone Number
  • Reviews
  • Photos
  • Business Catergories
  • Insights into page views
  • Opening hours
  • Map
  • Ability to ‘Star’ a location
  •  Upload a photo
  •  Share location

What’s Next?

At this time there is no definitive information about when the changeover will fully occur, or what if any of the demographic information and details above will be re-added.  We also do not yet know what if any effect this change will have on search engine rankings, or on Maps listings on Google search results.
At this time our recommendation is to take no action,  and to wait and see what the definitive rollout looks like so everyone can assess the scope of the change.

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