Website Accessibility Optimization Services for Dentists and Physicians

A Practical and Affordable Approach

Because there is no set of defined standards, no vendor (SHD included) can truly make your website “ADA Compliant.”  At SHD we believe that because the rules are still in flux, the best approach is to try to implement the most practical and cost-effective WCAG 2.0 recommendations.  As such, we characterize our ADA-Optimized websites as “Accessible-Ready.”  The idea is that we will put the appropriate optimizations in place, and leave you with a solid foundation to build upon once the DOJ releases the full list of requirements. 

Will Your Service Prevent Lawsuits?

No. There is no way to prevent a determined attorney from sending any business a demand letter – for any purpose. However, the goal behind our service is to adjust your website to demonstrate that you have made a concerted effort to try to implement accessibility standards, and we hope doing so will make your practice a smaller target for what the American Dental Association terms, “Drive-By Lawsuits.”

What Guidelines Do You Implement?

We implement the most practical, testable, and unambiguous recommendations from the WCAG 2.0 Level II standards.

What is the Cost? Is There a Monthly Fee?

The website accessibility optimization service is a one-time service that is provided at a one-time fee; there are no monthly or recurring fees. The one time fee ranges between $2,500 and $5,000 depending upon how large a website you have and what modifications need to be made.

How Do I Learn More?

Use our contact form to get in touch or call us at: 973-715-9947.