Websites for Dentists

Starting at only $3000!

At Short Hills Design we have dental website design down to a science, so potential patients can find you and become new patients!

We use the WordPress platform exclusively so we can guarantee that with every dental website we build, we ensure that you, the dentist:

  1. Will own your own website, content, theme, any stock images, and all of your accounts (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, account).
  2. Can make your own changes and thus pay no monthly website maintenance fees
    We are the only development company to have a 206-point dental website design checklist that we use for every website we build, to use Dr. Wank's "Proactive Web Design" philosophy.

Please take a look at our portfolio for a sample of what we can do for you and your practice. And it doesn't hurt to know that Dr. Wank is the person who writes the Dental Website Design CE Course on

WordPress Website Design: Our Philosophy

Your website is the central marketing hub of your dental practice, and as such, it must be planned correctly and built to Google Webmaster standards (SEO-Ready). There are many way to structure and build a successful website, and after years of building websites for our clients, we believe that a custom-built WordPress-based website is the ideal approach.

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