WordPress Websites for Physicians

Multiple approaches to websites for doctors

We "Wrote the Book" on medical website design

Dr. David Wank literally "wrote the book" on web development for healthcare providers and healthcare Internet Marketing, and has lectured for WordPress' Wordcamp meetings in New York City and in Montclair, NJ.

Our philosophy

We want our clients to own their own websites, and have the ability to update and edit their sites without needing to contact us. Of course we will work with you as much as you want or as little as you want, but our goal is to give you ownership and control of your own site. Along those lines, you will own your domain (if you don't already), your website, any associated licenses such as image licenses, and you will own nightly website backups.

Responsive Design

All of our websites are built to modern standards, and will render properly whether your visitor is using a desktop, laptop or smartphone. You do NOT need multiple versions of your website as was sometimes done in the past, as current technology allows us to design sites that fit to the devices. This concept is known as responsive design, and is often interchanged with the term, "mobile-friendly."

No monthly fees

No matter which provider you choose, you will have a monthly hosting fee. That being said, at Short Hills Design there are no mandatory recurring monthly fees (other than hosting if you elect to host with us). If you need our assistance with something and we need to invoice for the time, we'll let you know; but if you don't need us, we don't bill you. Many of our clients have retainers on account with us for assistance with updates and with management, but this is an optional service; we want you to use us as much or as little as works for you and your practice.

WordPress Medical Website Design: Our Packages

Updated package listings coming soon!

We work well with others

Unlike most other companies, we are friendly with your other vendors. If you have us build your website and you'd like to work with us for your medical SEO needs, great! However, if you have a different SEO provider you'd like to work with, that's also no problem; we're happy to help and provide whatever information or assistance your other vendors need (with you permission, of course).

Multiple approaches to websites for doctors

Dr. David Wank and his team at Short Hills Design has been building websites for physicians and dentists for more than a decade. Browse our portfolio, then give us a call today to learn how we can help you get your medical website off the ground. Watch Dr. Wank's webinar from April 2019, "Medical Website Development - Healthcare Web Design and Redesign in 2019" to see the some of the scope of SHD's expertise building healthcare websites.

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