Local SEO for Dentists

Work on your Local SEO with fellow dentist, Dr. David Wank.

Local SEO (Google My Business + Citation Building) is the key to ranking well and appearing in Local Search results.

Your Google My Business listing (now Google Business Profile) is one of the most important - if not the most important factor - when it comes to showing up in local search.

Recall that "Local Search" or "Local SEO" is aimed at optimizing and building content around your Google My Business listing, whereas "Traditional" SEO is about getting your web pages ranked in Google's organic search listings. If you'd like a refresher about "Local SEO" vs. " Traditional SEO" we have a detailed blog post that reviews the two approaches.

And if you don't have a Google Business Profile listing yet, stop what you are doing and set one up right now. Here's how to set it up.

Local SEO Services

Google Business Profile: Listings Protection

Google will update your Google Business Profile listings based on suggestions from users and Google's internal data. Thus, it's critical that you keep an eye on your GBP listing to make sure that incorrect edits (or malicious edits) don't damage your brand reputation or affect your patients.

Price: $1000/year

Google Business Profile: Profile Audit

The first step in our Google My Business approach is the longest phase. We analyze your website from a local SEO perspective and produce the following deliverables:

  • A manual Google My Business Competitor report where we examine your local competitors and their local listings, and look for spam in your competitors listings.
  • A manual Google My Business Audit report where we look at your current Google My Business listing and make recommendations about what if anything should be updated based on your competitor's GMB pages. We also review your listing to make sure that your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) and hours are consistent across your website and your Google My Business profile. We make sure that your website and contact links are correct so that people who visit your profile can find you, and we UTM tracking to them so you can see how much traffic you are getting from your GMB listing.
  • A Local SEO report which provides us with a baseline about your website's local performance along with technical recommendations
  • A manual summary report with our analysis of the above data and any recommendations we think you should implement to improve your local presence (often these improvements help your overall presence as well, and not just your local presence).

Price: $1000

Google Business Profile: Profile Posting

Highlighting your content to keep your Google My Business profile active with posts. Those of you who've used Google My Business posting features before know that Google will often send you a reminder that your most recent GMB post "expires in 7 days" - and suggests that you post again. While Google hasn't explicitly stated that businesses that post frequently on GMB will have better visibility than their competitors, anecdotal evidence suggests that in some instances, this may be the case.

Thus, as part of GMB process we take snippets of existing content from your website about subjects you wish to promote, and we publish monthly on your Google My Business thread.

Price: $600/year

Local SEO: Citation Building

One of the key ranking factors for local SEO is the number and accuracy of your local citations. We build the most important citations for you via aggregators and 100 local business directories.

Price: $1200/year

Local SEO: Citation Aggregator Submission Renewal

Make sure that the major citation aggregators keep the correct name, address, and phone number information for your practice as accurate as possible. Includes the GPS Network (TomTom, Waze, Here, Uber, Navmii).

Price: $725/year

Local SEO: Citation Audit

Keeping your citations accurate and up-to-date is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy local SEO profile. Our citation audit scours the web for your practice and generates a repot of all of your correct and incorrect citations,.

Price: $100 one-time

Local SEO: Citation Cleanup

Incorrect citations can affect your local rankings and decrease your visibility vs. your competitors. Our citation cleanup service will find and fix citations are are incorrect, inconsistent or duplicate.

Price: based upon the number of citations that need fixing

Local SEO: Website Local Audit

Believe it or not, the "local feeling" of your website also matters when it comes to local SEO. We'll do an audit of your website from a local SEO perspective and let you know what's working and what you could improve.

Price: $175

Google Business Profile + Local SEO: Complete Package

GBP Listing Protection
GBP Profile Audit
GBP Profile Posting
Local SEO Citation Audit
Local SEO Citation Building (Aggregators + Local Directories)
Local SEO Website Local Audit

Price: $3450/year (save 15%)

Our top GMB clients are seeing an average 17% increase in phone calls per month:

If you have questions about Google My Business or about our Google My Business/Local SEO service offering, please get in touch with us or send us a contact request and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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