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Your website is only useful if people can find it!

Dr. David Wank has developed a modern, streamlined approach to Dental SEO that can help you quickly achieve top search engine rankings for pages on your website vs. the traditional SEO approach -- Dental SEO Sprints. These higher rankings, in turn translate, into more visits to your website, and more new patients.  Watch the SEO Introductory video below, or keep browsing to learn more about why Short Hills Design is your #1 choice for a dental SEO provider.

Our SEO Philosophy

  1. No two clients have exactly the same SEO needs, and that web pages need to be optimized with the direct input of the client.
  2. Though we strive to achieve top ranking for our clients on all of their pages for all of their keywords, a #1 ranking on Google is not always realistically possible for every keyword.  This situation is especially true for clients in areas with high-competition for keywords and with competitors who are also actively engaged in SEO. Be wary of companies that GUARANTEE a top Google ranking for a particular keyword.
  3. Our clients should not compete against each other and we thus do not take more than two clients per specialty (General Dentist, Oral Surgeon etc.) per zip code.

We Diagnose BEFORE we Treat

Like you, we can’t provide a treatment plan without first understanding the nature of the problem – or if there even is a problem! We perform our unique “Traffic vs. Messaging Analysis” with all of our new clients prior to commencing any work.  We don’t want you spending money on driving traffic with SEO if messaging is your problem, and we don’t want to adjust your messaging if your website simply needs more traffic.   You would never treat a patient without an exam, x-rays, and a diagnosis — why should your marketing be any different?
  1. We generate a baseline Google Analytics report and goal report for reference.
  2. We brainstorm keywords with the client.
  3. We generate a large number of candidate keywords from the client’s initial list, and from our research.
  4. We review this large keyword list with the client to remove any services or terms that aren’t relevant (a service you don’t provide, a location that’s too far away).
  5. We assign pages to the keywords (i.e. so your “veneers” keywords go with your veneers pages) and then we implement the keywords.
  6. Once the implementation is complete, we track the number of new organic visitors (from SEO) and the goal rates. We then tweak our implementation with conversion rate optimization to make sure that now that you have traffic to the site, that the messaging is working to your advantage.
Our SEO process is different from most other providers in that in our process, the client is highly involved in the keyword selection process. Only you as the dentist knows what search terms apply to your practice!

Why Choose Short Hills Design? Why Work with Dr. Wank and his Team?

  1. We understand you. Dr. Wank is a practicing general dentist - no other dental SEO firm has a dentist at the helm, and nobody can understand you like a fellow dentist can.
  2. You can trust us. Dr. Wank is a member of the DentalTown Magazine Editorial Board and is a prominent public contributor on the marketing forum. He does so in order to help fellow dentists answer their marketing questions, and to provide transparency for Short Hills Design.
  3. Expertise. Dr. Wank lectures across the country about web development, SEO and conversion optimization, and is the author of of the book, "Internet Marketing for Healthcare Providers."
  4. Proven Results. We have a proven track record of helping dentists succeed.  Join 270+ other dentists and doctors in Dr. Wank's private "Internet Marketing for Healthcare Providers" Facebook Group.
  5. Professional Writing Skills. Not only does Dr. Wank (BA in English Literature from Tufts) do the bulk of the content writing, but our website is unmatched in the quality, accuracy and affordability for adding dental content to your website.

Watch as Dr. Wank Teaches Dental SEO

Organic Ranking Factors for Healthcare Websites

Keyword Brainstorming: Starting a List

Grouping Keywords By User Intent

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