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Why Bother with a Website for your Law Firm?

Visibility and Credibility.

For the potential clients searching the web for the services you provide, and for the ones who have found your website and are deciding if you are a good fit for them, your website is key.

Law Firm Websites with Short Hills Design (SHD)

At SHD, we focus on two key principles:

  1. We want our clients to own everything (website, licenses, Google properties) so that they are free to switch providers at any time.  Other companies limit a client’s ability to move, and we think that’s not good business.
  2. While we are here to help with website updates and changes, we encourage our clients to make their own changes, and manage as much of their website presence as they’d like.

We offer two website packages that give you everything you need for a trust building, mobile-friendly, and search engine-ready website.  Both packages are WordPress-based.

The first package is our Starter package. It’s designed for new offices, offices with a small budget, or satellite offices that need a small website designed to establish a web presence. $3000

Our second package is our Essentials package. It includes everything you need to have a robust web presence, as well as a custom design. $5400.

Both choices include the following:

  • FREE Google Analytics Setup and Implementation
  • FREE Google Webmaster Tools Setup
  • FREE Moz Local Setup (critical for NAP/Google Map Listings)
  • FREE SSL Setup
  • FREE Google Apps Setup
  • FREE Web Hosting Setup
  • FREE Contact Form Plugin Installation and Setup
  • FREE SEO WordPress Plugin Installation and Setup
  • Please note that domain name registration and website hosting are not included.

A Decade of Extensive Experience

We’ve worked with 100+ healthcare professionals and our founder, Dr. David Wank, is a recognized WordPress Expert. He currently writes the web development Continuing Education course on DentalTown.com, and is the author of “Internet Marketing for Healthcare Providers”. And while the book is geared toward healthcare providers, the content is 100% relevant for legal and accounting websites. Dr. Wank has also lectured at WordPress’ regional WordCamp meetings.

Browse our Portfolio

Click to see our selected portfolio. Remember, the core concepts of SEO-ready website design and development apply equally to legal websites as they do to healthcare sites.

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