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The Facebook Question for Dental and Medical Websites

We all know that Facebook is an important part of the Internet Marketing pie, but the question we need to address is how important? As I’ve written before, Facebook is a great resource for spreading the word about your office, but it must be understood that Facebook is an adjunct to your total web presence. I see many practitioners spending small fortunes on Facebook sites without really calculating the return on their investment (ROI), and don’t think that this is the correct approach.

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Professionals — Be Careful Who You "Like" on Facebook

Facebook is a fantastic way tor generating interest in your practice and for reaching out to people who otherwise wouldn’t have know about you.   Obviously the more people you have who “Like” your business page, the greater your chances will be that more people will interact with you and your business.  But Facebook’s new “Sponsored Stories” advertisement option, in the words of Anne Kandra from PCWorld, “can make you an unpaid spokesperson for any product or service you ‘Like’ or just post about.”

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