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Notice for Former Clients of The Visible Dentist

The Visible Dentist has Disappeared It has come to our attention that "The Visible Dentist" seems to have disappeared, and the domain is no longer working.  Thus, clients of The Visible Dentist may find themselves without a website. If…

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Dental Websites and Semantic Search – A Race to the Bottom?

Search has changed.  Anyone who uses Google as a search engine will notice that when Google returns search results for a particular query, you no longer see a simple list of websites that “match” your search terms – you now also see a collection of additional, relevant information.  As David Amerland adeptly characterizes this shift in his book (details below), the traditional search engine is now becoming “an answer engine, a recommendation engine, even a prediction engine…giving me answers like my best friend would”)

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How Can a Dentist Deal with a Negative Online Review – Revisited

I was involved in a discussion on LinkedIn where the owner of a dental “review” company said implied that dentists could respond to negative reviews in order to try to “balance” the situation.  I could not disagree more strongly with that approach, so I thought I’d revisit my advice on “How to Handle a Negative Review”:

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