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YouTube vs. Vimeo for Dental and Medical Video Hosting

Here in Part III of our overview of the use of videos for your dental website and medical website, I am going to discuss the topic of hosting your videos, and will compare and contrast YouTube and Vimeo, two of the major services that we use for hosting videos.  Don’t worry about the actual implementation of what I’m going to discuss, as more likely than not, your web developer will be doing the implementing for you.  Instead, focus on the concepts to understand the what and the why; the “how” is less important.

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Introduction to Video Content on your Dental or Medical Website

In this three-part series I am going to go over the basic concepts you need to know about using videos to enhance your dental or medical website.  Videos can be an excellent adjunct to an already existing website, and can also be used to bring new life into an older site, as well.

In this series I will review the following topics:

1. The What, Where and Why of Website Videos
2. What To do and What Not to Do with Website Videos
3. YouTube vs. Vimeo for Dental and Medical Video Hosting

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How to Check to See Who Owns a Domain Name and When it Expires

This video will show you how to (1) check to see who owns a domain name and (2) to see when the domain name registration term expires.  Note that the website we are using to find this information is “” (not .com) — and of course you don’t put the quotes in when you type the name “” into your browser.

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