Top Dental Website Companies

Published:  June 3, 2022
Top Dental Website Companies
We've already talked about the most important factors you need to consider when designing a dental website, so let's look at some of the the top agencies that offer web design for dentists. 
Let me preface by saying that this list is based on our opinion, and your mileage and experience may vary. 

1. Short Hills Design (

Of course we're biased, but we believe that we provide the best dental websites for our clients along with the most flexibility of any of our competitors. 

We build WordPress-based websites based on the WordPress codex, which practically speaking means that our clients can easily edit and update their websites. It also means that since we use WordPress, our clients are not required to use us for all of their marketing services, and we welcome our clients to coordinate their efforts among us and their other marketing partners.  

Our clients own their own websites along with the licenses for any stock images we use, and our clients also have 24/7 access to their own backups. We also do not limit our clients' abilities to login to their own websites, and all of our clients own their own Google Analytics, Google Search Console and similar accounts. 

Our websites start at $3500, and the content we provide is written by Harvard-trained dentist, Dr. David Wank. 

2. Great dental websites (

I've known Jeff Gladnick, the owner of GDW professionally for over a decade, and for clients that want an all-in-one marketing solution, GDW is great. They use a proprietary CMS that Jeff and his team designed, and provide SEO and Google Ads services to their clients. Like Dr. Wank of Short Hills Design,  Jeff is a fixture on DentalTown, and you can read dozens of threads and reviews from people who have used these two companies. 

GDW has an excellent reputation on Dentaltown and has hundreds of dental clients. For clients who want a non-WordPress solution, we confidently refer them to Jeff and the team at GDW.

3. Prosites (

Prosites is a very large marketing company that has been around for many years that works with many types of healthcare providers, including dentists. They have their own marketing platform and over a comprehensive suite of products including SEO, and social media posting.

4. Officite (

Officite is another one of the large marketing providers that works with thousands of healthcare clients - no just dentists. They offer web design, SEO, reputation management and a telemedicine platform.
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