Search Engine Optimization for NJ Lawyers

What is SEO?

Unless people can find you, your website isn’t going to be very useful. In its most basic form, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which we take carefully researched keywords (search terms) and integrate them into your website – with the goal of having your web pages appear higher in search engine rankings. And if you pages rank higher than your competitor’s pages, you will get more website vistiors, and more business, etc.

An SEO Example for a Legal Website

For example, if you are a firm in California that deals with irrevocable trusts, your goal will be to find out how people search for irrevocable trusts. Are they typing in “CA irrevocable trust” or “Irrevocable Trust lawyer CA”? If you know, for example, that the majority of people are searching for the former, it makes sense to adjust your “irrevocable trusts” page to align with this search. So instead of calling your page “Irrevocable Trusts” you might consider calling it “CA Irrevocable Trusts.”

Our SEO Approach for Attorneys

Unlike other companies who offer monthly, subscription-based SEO services, we belive in a one-time SEO campaign. Because keyword volumes and search intents don’t change that signifgantly over time, we belive that thorough initial research plus proper implementation are the best uses of your marketing funds

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