Video Ideas for Google My Business

Published:  March 27, 2022
Video Ideas for Google My Business

Your Google My Business listing plays a major role -- if not THE major role - in your visibility on local search. As such, it's important that you take advantage of as many of Google's GMB recommendations as possible.

One of items that Google wants you to add for your listing (and may reward you for it) is adding videos to your profile.

Here are a few ideas of short, 20-30 second smartphone videos you can add to your GMB listing.

For these videos I'd have you (the dentist, the doctor, the business owner, etc.) shooting the video and give a background such as, "Hi, this is [your name] and in this short video we're going to..."

  1. Meet our front desk team/front office tour - you can record your front desk staff talking about what they do. "This is John and he's our patient coordinator. He's the person you'll see when you first visit our office." Or if you don't want to include the team members, shoot a video of the waiting area and front desk area, "This is our front desk and waiting room area. We have amenities such as [x,y,z], and as we value your time, we strive to make sure that our patients are not waiting more than 10 min for their appointments."
  2. Treatment rooms - take a video of a spotless treatment room that's setup for a patient visit - make it look like the treatment rooms in the catalogs where they try to sell you equipment. "This is our treatment room/operatory. We have 3 just like these and they are all state-of-the art - we have an X machine, a Y machine, and my favorite is the Z machine which allows us to ABC. We also have a TV/headphones/adjustable headrests so you have the most comfortable appointment as possible. The room is sterilized according to the CDC-recommended protocols,
  3. Other features (in-house lab, milling machine) - "We provide X test in our in-house lab which you see here. Here's is where the blood sample goes and we have results about your X test in 30 minutes". "We have a CEREC milling machine which allows us to make your esthetic ceramic dental crown in under two hours - from start to finish.
  4. Sterilization area - take a video of a spotless sterilization area. "We are extremely focused on our patients' safety and we have a state-of-the art sterilization area".
  5. Parking area - I'm not kidding on this one -- some businesses have a "trick" way to find parking (in this lot or that lot, or never park here in this lot). If you are one of those businesses, take a video of where they should park -- and if your front door is not where someone would expect it to be, take a video to show them where it is.

Smartphone Recording Tips

  1. Don't move around too quickly. You don't want to make your viewers seasick!
  2. Pick your initial zoom level and stick with it. If you really need to zoom into a great feature or product you have, approach the object and stop walking. Then zoom in and keep talking. Don't pan and zoom. Remember, you aren't Steven Spielberg and you aren't trying to win an Oscar.
  3. Be natural. Remember, these are short videos and you don't need a script.
  4. Try to take the video at a time where foot traffic in the office is low and the surrounding area is quiet. It's better to not have a video than have a video with noise or hissing in the background.

Google My Business is the key for Local SEO.

Like everything else with Local SEO, the more useful content and information you add to your profile (especially compared to your competitors), the increased likelihood that you will see improvements in the local map pack.

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