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What is NAP and Why is it so Important for Dentists and Physicians?

What Is NAP And Why Is It So Important For Dentists And Physicians?

NAP = “Name, Address, Phone  Number”

Name, Address, Phone Number (“NAP”) refers to the process of making sure that your business’ demographic information is consistent across the web.  Accurate NAP is critical because inconsistent listings (i.e. incorrect street address or suite #) can affect your listings on search engines such as Google and Bing – in the maps section and in the organic listings.

Google Maps

Google Maps is Google’s online “yellow pages” – and Google wants to make sure that the listings on Google Maps are accurate; if enough people use Google Maps and receive incorrect information – or wrong directions – people will stop using the product.

Google My Business

Hence, Google introduced Google My Business (formerly, Google Plus/Google Plus local) as a centralized location where business owners can report their NAP (along with other information such as business hours, etc.).  And if you haven’t already verified your Google My Business listing, please stop reading and go ahead and do it now (  It’s critical to make sure you fill out the profile to a status of 100%, and we’ll see why below.

Completely Fill out your Google My Business Profile

It is believed that accurate, consistent NAP information is one of the key factors in having your practice’s location highlighted in the map listings that you often see at the top of Google search results. And since we don’t know exactly how the maps listing algorithm works, it pays to completely fill out your profile.  Remember, you are competing against other practices that have likely filled out their profiles, and as such, you must do the same.

Accurate and Consistent NAP May Help with Search Engine Listings

To further influence you to have consistent NAP information across the web, consider that accurate NAP may be a ranking factor.  Practically speaking this means that if you and a competitor have similar rankings for a keyword, the office with the fully-completed NAP profile may get the edge in the ranking.
At a minimum, your NAP should be consistent in order to make sure that people who search for you on the web have accurate information (remember, not everyone goes to your website to get directions or your phone number).  And your motivation should be that Google seemingly “rewards” businesses that have fully-filled out Google My Business profiles.

Learn More at the Free Webinar

Learn more at Dr. Wank’s  free NAP Webinar on 7/12/17:  Confirming your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) with Moz Local.

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