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Your website is only useful if people can find it.

Dr. Wank has developed a modern approach to Dental SEO that can help you to achieve top search engine rankings for pages on your website. 

Our Dental SEO Philosophy

The goal of any SEO campaign is to accomplish a goal or set of goals set by the client.  Whether that goal is to drive traffic to a website to generate new patient leads or to provide information to existing patients – or both – we believe that SEO is a process that should be individually tailored to the client’s specific needs.

At Short Hills Design we only use legal SEO techniques (white hat) and we believe that:

1. No two clients have exactly the same SEO needs, and that web pages need to be optimized with the direct input of the client.

2. Though we strive to achieve top ranking for our clients on all of their pages for all of their keywords, a #1 ranking on Google is not always realistically possible for every keyword.  This situation is especially true for clients in areas with high-competition for keywords and with competitors who are also actively engaged in SEO. Be wary of companies that GUARANTEE a top Google ranking for a particular keyword.

3  Our clients should not compete against each other and we thus do not take more than two clients per specialty (General Dentist, Oral Surgeon etc.) per zip code..

Our SEO services include:

-Keyword research with the client
-Google Analytics setup and Installation
-Google Webmaster Tools setup and installation
-XML Sitemap generation
-Baseline ranking for selected keyword(s)
-Keyword implementation for 10-20 optimized pages
-Up to 3 original, custom-written 2-3 paragraph page as needed for keyword implementation
-Incoming link analysis

Monthly SEO

There is debate in the industry about the need for Monthly SEO – please visit our dedicated page about it to see if monthly SEO is something that would benefit you and your practice.

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