How to Optimize Clinical Photos for the Web - Part I

Published:  April 17, 2020
How to Optimize Clinical Photos for the Web - Part I

Get your clinical images ready (or any photos for that matter)!

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Photos are great, but LARGE photos (that is, photos with large file sizes) are a problem for your website because they can take a very long time to load, and people don't like to wait for things to load!

If you think desktop users don't like to wait, just ask smartphone users! We are all a bit more impatient on our smartphones.

In the video above (Part 1/2) I'm going to start to walk you through concepts you need to understand the how and why behind preparing an image for the web. In Part 2/2, we're going to dig in with Adobe Lightroom and have the program do all of the heavy lifting for us.

But what about image quality?

There's an art to balancing the size of an image with the quality. In the video I go over some export setting that I've found to work generally for me.

The key is that you want your image to be less than <50kb if at all possible. Note: If you are doing a popup gallery where people expect the images to be huge, then that's a different story. But the use case we're looking at here is the "please take this image/photo and put it on the web, and don't bring the website to a screeching halt."

So what if my users have to wait a bit for my images? They are worth it!

Yes, you might think so. But page speed (how fast your website loads) is one of many determining factors in how a web page will be ranked on search engines -- so the goal is to load the best website you can, as quickly as possible.

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