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Dental SEO: How Keyword Selection Should be Done

Dental SEO: How Keyword Selection Should Be Done

Keyword Strategy for Dental SEO Should Not be a Mystery!

Think about the INTENT of your visitor!

When you are doing keyword research with your SEO company for your dental website, make sure that you take related keywords and break them down into groups.  For example, as you will see in the video example below with actual data, people searching for “grinded down teeth” have a much different search intent compared to people who are searching for “how to fix grinded teeth.”

Make your content match your visitor’s intent

Thus, creating one “teeth grinding” page here would be a mistake — it’s a much better approach to create a general “grinded down teeth” page to discuss teeth grinding and to meet the needs of people looking to learn about the condition.  And to create a separate page about “fixing grinded teeth” (though I wouldn’t call it that) – to meet the needs of the people who know they already have a problem, and want a solution.

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