How to Blog for your Dental or Medical Practice with SEO in Mind – Part I

Published:  December 21, 2013
How to Blog for your Dental or Medical Practice with SEO in Mind – Part I

How (and why) Blogging Can Bring in New Patients

One of the recurring themes on this blog is, well, the importance of blogging!  In this four-part series, I’m going to review the basics of how (and why) to blog for your dental or medical practice.  In this post, we’re going to take a quick look at the big picture.

There are two critical things that regular blogging does for your website – and by extension – your bottom line:

  1. Regular blogging keeps you “in the hunt” for long-tail keywords, and can easily generate new patients with little effort other than the writing itself.
  2.  Having blog that you update regularly by adding more and more content (articles) keeps your website full with “fresh” content. And Google has stated that “fresh content” (current content) can be a factor in search engine rankings.

Now why do we care about search engine rankings?   It’s simple.  Search engine rankings are important because they provide people the opportunity to visit your website.  And the more chances someone has to end up on your website, the more likely they are to click, and therefore hopefully engage with you and become a patient.
To paraphrase Wayne Gretzky, “100% of the people that don’t visit your website, don’t become new patients.”

  In Part II of this series, I’m going to talk about “long-tail” keywords and why they make a difference.

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