How to Leverage a Blog for Social Media on your Dental Website

Published:  September 18, 2013

How to Maximize the Reach of your Dental Website's Blog

1) If you don't have a blog for your dental website, then  you need one.  It's relatively straight forward to get one going, but it has to be done correctly. With most existing websites you can simply add a blog, but often its  better to start fresh (keeping your old content) and building a new website from the ground up using Wordpress,  which has built in blog functionality which you can turn on or off at any time.
This way you can start with a solid 5-15 page site, and then start blogging when you are ready.  One of the reasons to start over -- as annoying as that can be -- is because while you can retrofit the look and feel of a blog to your existing site, it's really difficult to do that with many sites - especially older ones.
2) The link to your blog should be in your main navigation as below, for example:
Home | About | Services | FInancial Information | Patient Information | Blog | Contact Us
To see how I implemented it, go to and you will see how the blog integrates seamlessly with my main website. The blog has the EXACTY same look and feel as all of the other pages on my website so when people go from blog to my static (e.g. services) pages, or vice versa, there is no confusion about where they are, and they are clear that they are still on my website.
3) And then next question is the key.  What I advise my clients to do (and what I do myself on my website) is to:
A) write a blog post (I just wrote one about Google Plus, for example)
B) cross post this blog post to facebook
C) cross post this blog post to twitter (and pinterest if you are there -- but the ROI here is questionable.  But it's free so go for it).
D) Send this blog post in your newsletter (I have a newsletter that I send to dentists every week).
In doing it this way, I've nailed 5 different segments with the SAME ARTICLE:
1) the people who are doing a google search and will find the post via SEO (e.g. how to fix sensitive teeth)
2) the people who are just browsing my site
3) the people who like me on facebook
4) the people who follow me on twitter
5) the people who have subscribed to my newsletter.
4) Really -- this is how you hit FIVE segments with ONE article and it's what I do in my own marketing every day.
Good luck! Any questions?  just ask!

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