SEO Reporting for Physicians and Dentists - the Single Key Data Point

Published:  November 14, 2019

Including keywords randomly on your company's website and strategically implementing them are two very different things. In our next and last video of Dr. Wank's "SEO Q+A Office Hours" webinar, he gives examples of how the two are different, and what you need to know for your own SEO needs.

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So, how do I know if SEO work has been done on my website? This is the last question. Again, Dr. Payet was kind enough to let me kind of open up the behind the curtain for his SEO campaign. We can take a look here. What we did, the keyword here that we were optimizing is Smile Makeover Charlotte. Actually, Smile Makeover Charlotte NC was the keyword. There was a decent amount of search volume for it and we actually already had a Smile Makeover page. But what we did is, we implemented the keyword for this page. And what did we do? Well, the title tag, which is here, Smile Makeover Charlotte, we fixed the name of the page, Smile Makeover Charlotte, NC and we have this.

Now, you could argue with me that this is a little bit of department of redundancy department and yeah, it's a little much there, you see it. It's hard to work in if you're someone who needs a Smile MakeOver in Charlotte, NC, but certainly having Smile Makeover Charlotte in error, my favorite Smile Makeover in my Charlotte practice is ... But this is how you know it was optimized, because you can see consistency here, here and here.

Some people will say, "Oh, this company has done SEO work for me." I look at it and it says, Smile Makeover. But if you're not seeing the page and the title, that's right here, this title tag is this, and just some text, that's H1, these primary tags, looking like the same thing, an SEO implementation probably hasn't been done. If it just says implants or Smile Makeover, probably hasn't been done.

That's not to say that they haven't done a good job. For this page, before we did any work with it, part of our look was, are Smile Makeovers being searched for? And they were. But if they weren't being searched for, I would've left it just as Smile Makeovers, Smile Makeover, because that was my best guess of what it was. For dental implants, we'd probably have dental implants, that's my best guest.

You can build a website that's structurally ready for SEO. We do with all of them, all of our websites that we build are structurally ready for SEO. But by doing that, that means that if you want to go in now and actually optimize ... Because I promise you the last site we built, if we wrote dental implants, dental implants probably is not the number one search keyword for that area. But, we built it structurally for dental implants because that's what it's about. Later on, if we want to research and say, "Oh, it's dental implants this," or, "dental implants that," then certainly we can go ahead and optimize for that keyword. But just because you don't see this, doesn't mean the site hasn't been built properly, but if you don't see something like this, it means that the site haven't people said done SEO. SEO work probably hasn't been done if you're not seeing something like that.

And you might not need it. The truth is, like I said, if your practice is doing well and everything is good and you're getting patients from Google and they tell you that, and things are well, you might not need SEO. So again, that's why, if you're curious, I'll come back to that.

The other way you can look, if you're using WordPress, is something called Yoast SEO, and you can look at the pages and it will show you on the bottom here what your analysis is. This analysis says average. That's because we're not done yet. But when it's happy, it will show you green. And so you can also look and see that if it shows green, it's been optimized, or at least this. You can click the button and it will show you what it suggests have to be done and what doesn't have to be done. Of course, you take those with a grain of salt. Just because you see a radiolucency on an X-ray doesn't mean there's something wrong. So, it requires human intervention, but certainly, that's a tip off.

What I was going to say, though, if you are curious about that, then you can look at analytics and do traffic versus messaging. I've got a video on that as well. That's something we do like as a paid study because anyone who comes to us and says, "I want to do SEO," or, "I want to do whatever," I need to look at the data first. I cannot prep crowns on you without knowing what the perio is and without a full set of X-rays. I certainly don't want to do SEO if you already have a ton of traffic, but it's your messaging that's a problem.


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