The Dental Internet Marketing Workflow

Published:  October 24, 2017
The Dental Internet Marketing Workflow

As a website forms the core foundation for all a dental office’s online marketing efforts, it is critical to have an esthetic, patient-friendly and “SEO-Ready” website that works to convert new patients. As outlined in Dr. Wank’s book, "The Small Business Web Design Workbook", the following are the four phases of the “Small Business Internet Marketing Workflow.” Understanding where the pieces fit in the big picture is one of the first steps to take in the dental website design process.

Phase I is publishing a mobile-ready, information-rich, patient-friendly website that meets Google’s Webmaster Standards.

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Phase II is using search engine optimization (SEO), social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) PPC (Google Ads, FB Ads), along with other techniques to drive visitors to your website.

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Phase III is analyzing website data to increase and improve your conversion rates for your specified goals (i.e. getting “x” new patients per month from the website).

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Phase IV is making sure that your website is maintained and backed-up at regular intervals.

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