What to Include in a Temporary Dental Website

Published:  March 23, 2016

A Starter Website  while you Wait – What to Include

Like a full-mouth reconstruction, website development cannot be rushed.  We are as eager as our clients to build and launch new websites, but the building process takes time.  For clients who are building their first website, or want to immediately change their current web presence, we recommend going with a temporary or “holding site” while main website development is in progress. is a website service that will allow you to build a basic website for your practice, and the list below contains items that you should consider for this holding site:

  1. Home Page* - make SURE you have a phone number in the header (the top of the page)
  2. About the Doctor Page -  (About Dr. Wank or Meet Dr. Wank)
  3. Services – list your services with a sentence about each if possible
  4. Patient Information – a paragraph for new patients (with a link to an online medical history, etc), a paragraph about financial policies/insurance.
  5. Contact page – office name, address, phone number, hours, and contact form (or link to a separate contact form page).

*For the home page, add a line that explains that the new website is in progress such as, “Our new website is coming soon!”.  Be sure to write “We are accepting new patients”.

If you are Purchasing a Practice, please read this article for some pointers about how to deal with the existing website (if any) and how to make sure you capture the practice’s existing patients and your new patients.

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