How Smiles Of Virginia Used A/B Testing to Increase Visits to their Specials Page

Published:  August 27, 2017

Any time we design a website, we are always looking for ways to improve the user experience as well as the benefit to the business.

Smiles of Virginia Family Dentistry: Dr. Niels Osetervemb and Dr. Amber DeWeerd

We recently launched Smiles of Virginia Family Dentistry's new website at:  After the site was up and running, we thought about what we could do to bring more new patients into the office. We decided to try to figure out a way to make the specials page more prominent.

home page a/b - original text

The original home page button text.

The Hypothesis

We looked at the home page and we hypothesized that if we changed the "Meet the Staff" button text to "Special Offers" we might be able to generate more traffic to the Special Offers page.

home page a/b - test text

The "Special Offers" text change for the split test.

The Implementation

We setup an A/B test (split-test) so that 50% of the visitors to the site would see the "Meet the Staff" button and the other 50% of visitors would see the "Special Offer" button.  The question we wanted to answer is "Does changing the text from 'Meet the Staff' to 'Special Offers' increase the number of visitors to the special offers page?"

The Results

After around 60 days our experiment was completed, and we were able to determine that using the new "special offers" text statistically improves the conversion rate (number of visits to the special offers page). You can see the raw data below:

Final Data:  (click to enlarge)

Final data

Final data showing a 15.7% improvement with a 96% chance to beat the control.

What's Next:

1) Based on our data we changed the button to read "special offers" for all visitors, and we will start to move down the page to look for other opportunities for optimization.
2) Now that we know that we are successfully driving traffic from the home page to the special offers page, we are evaluating the special offers page to see what we can do to get more people to get in touch with the office and take advantage of the specials.

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