Google My Business Updates - February 2023

Published:  February 4, 2023
Google My Business Updates - February 2023

Google recently changed the name of the Google My Business listing to "Google Business Profile" and has now made additional changes that you should be aware of.

Here are some of the notable 2023 changes to Google My Business

Management Location

In the past you would manage your GMB account and profile via the Google My Business website. Google is now shifting the process so that you now manage your GMB account via the Google search interface.

Updated Metrics

I won't list the metrics that have been removed, but here are the metrics that have been added/updated:

Maps Views are Gone and Impressions are In

The big difference here is that views were an absolute count of maps views, while the new metric, impressions are only counted once per day per user (so if a user visits your listing twice, you'll (correctly) only see one impression.

Keywords are now (partially) available

In the past it was very difficult to connect specific keyword searches with Google Business Profile interactions. But now Google has introduced the ability to see keyword data on a monthly level which gives us extra insight into how people find you on the web.

A Moving Target

GMB has always been (and will probably always be) a moving target. In this case it appears as though Google's updates might just be beneficial to business owners -- and we'll see if this proves to be the case as we see more data.

If you're curious about how we manage Google Business Profile accounts for our clients, or want to see our (not-so-secret) formula, check out our GMB services page for more information.

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