How to Setup your Google Business Profile account

Published:  October 12, 2022

A Google Business Profile is Critical for Online Visibility in 2022

Whether you have an existing business or a new business, one of the first steps you should take to help get your business recognized is setting up a Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business). In the video below, David will go over how to setup or claim your listing (transcript follows).

YouTube video

And here is the transcription:

In this video, we're going to talk about how to create a Google business profile. Now it used to be called Google My Business. Now it's Google business profile. So you're gonna come here to And then you can accept their cookies and then click, either sign in or manage. Now, it doesn't matter. Let's click Manage now. So I'm going to add, let's go with one of the accounts that I don't have a Google profile with right now I have a Google account. But I don't have a, you know, a profile with this account. So if I did, then it would bring up that profile. So let me sign in over here. And if you don't have a Google account, you've got to create one, you can go to, create here, create a Google account, you'll see here, create a Google account. And mean you could do for manage your business, I would just make it for myself for now, you whatever you want at Gmail that will work what they want for a business, or they're gonna try and sell you Google workspace, which you kind of don't need unless you want to use Gmail for business, which is another subject for another day. So let me grab this password here. Great, so we're going to do this, I'm going to skip, I don't want to confirm any of this. Okay, so now what you would do is now you would search for your business. And if your business exists, let's say, let's say we're doing a new business that does not exist, David's new business that does not exist, then we create a business with that name. And then you can go through all of this, you know, online retail is really if your E commerce, local store is what it says and service business, the majority of us are going to be service businesses here. If you're a dentist, a physician, if you are a cantor, or a rabbi, or an attorney, or anything like that, where you're doing services, where people are not necessarily visiting you at your home, then that would be something you could pick under service business. You could do local store, local store, really more has a touch of your buying and selling products. So I would say online retailers, you're running an e commerce Store, and you're selling, you make bath bombs, or you sell artwork, and then you sell it online, that's online, retail, local stores, oh, come to my you know, art area, my gallery, and buy images from me that could be both, or service businesses are you know, I'm a consultant, or I do something kind of professional services or anything like that. Tutoring, training, teaching, those can be service business. So let's call this a service business. Business category. Now you can choose your category. Let's say I'm consulting, I don't know what it is, let's see, I'm a consultant. So you can go through here and figure out what it is, let's say I am a mining consultant or know what that does. And then you can go through here. Now, obviously, you're gonna say, Where's my area? Now, this is important. Because, again, this has to do with where you work, where you service now, Short Hills design as a web company, we serve the United States and Canada, and Australia. So I can't really put that. So what I would do is here is for let's say, a short sale is designed, I would put your jersey now, obviously, if I were you know, because that's as broad as I can get, because I can't do you know, North East? United States? You know, it's not any, you know, any No, no, no. So, I mean, you could do northeast, is that here, northeast, north? East, so you know, but I would pick the, the state or the town that has the most sense to you, I mean, because of Metropolitan. New York, you. Yeah, so pick the area, you could always change this later. But pick the area that works for you. Let's just pick New Jersey for now. And let's interferes, and you could also add more New Jersey and New York, I mean that you could certainly do. Let's go to next. Then you'd add a phone number. That's my phone number and a website, David's new sample website for

Okay, and what it would do is now and now going from here, Google's going to start to market to create this. But here, you you can do that, you're going to manage my online store. That's what they want. I mean, I don't have an online store. Even with this fake consulting business, this is not an online store. But either way, you would click Continue. And now you have a Google My Business Profile. And then from there, if you wanted to go manage it later, you could click Manage now, and it's going to let you see I don't have one would have the account there, then you can manage it and do any kind of updates or things that you need. The key things to update are going to be obviously making sure that your name is correct. You know, whatever your business LLC is, that's what I would do. If you are like Short Hills design is really Short Hills design LLC. So you could do that. Make sure your address is whatever it is. If you have a home based address, you can still do you know whatever it is, you know apartment five, sometimes I'll just Studio number five, you won't have to write apartment five, if you're not comfortable with that is the state zip code, town, and then obviously, your phone number, then you want to certainly put your website address in, if you have a website, which I hope you do, and then there are other things you can do that are more advanced. But for now, those are the basics, make sure you upload images, it's very, very important to upload images, they're going to ask you for an external view of your office that I wouldn't necessarily put on if you are a, you know, private business, out of your home or something like that. But if you do have something in your home that you could show externally, if you are at a, if you consulted, you do some kind of charity event or something like that, and you want to put an external thing, you could I don't know if that would fly with them. But you could certainly try that. They really want a picture of the outside of the building, meaning if someone's coming to visit you, that's why having a service a service business, they're not going to get as upset with not having an external image of the building, if you're not doing a service or people come visit you. But do you want internal photos again, if you can, if your internal photos, internal photos might be you doing an event, or obviously if you are in healthcare, go to internal photos that have pictures of patients in them. Even if you have a waiver from the patient, I would just avoid it in general, take a picture of you in your office or your staff in your office or maybe even just you because you're never know, if you have a staff member who leaves they might get upset later does happen. So but take a picture of you or even if you're at your desk, at your home office, take a picture of that, that's fine, make sure it's clean. You know, there isn't you know, Dunkin Donuts cup, like I always have with my desk, you have that. And then you know staff photos, if you're the staff take a picture of you and put it there. But the more pictures you have and videos you have on Google My Business, the better that you're going to do, then obviously, what you do want to do is post regularly, it is a pain. We do it for our Google My Business clients we're posting every week. And we're repurposing website content. Obviously, if a client comes up with some, hey, I have this new content, because we're doing XYZ service. Now you notice the winter, and we're doing you're really promoting heavily from our landscaping or snow removal. So here's an article we wrote about snow removal, the next three months, can you kind of post these posts, absolutely. But that's the kind of thing you want to think about. But this will get you set up. And then once you've verified this, or once you submit it, Google's gonna send you a letter, if you address a postcard with a key on it with a, you know, with an ID. So that way they know that obviously, I just can't go in there. And you if you are Mary's landscaping business, I can go as David Wang, and claim your business as mine. So you're gonna get they're gonna send you a card and they'll say, Please expect this card in three to seven days, and you'll get the card, you'll go to where it tells you on the web and enter the code, the ID and then it will be verified. And once you're verified, then you can start using it. So that's a huge deal with Google My Business Profile, they will probably also send you a coupon for AdWords. And they're gonna say, Well, if you spend $100, we'll give you $100. Because you're gonna get, you know, so many new clients or patients or whatever, with Google AdWords, because it's so great that you know, spend the first 100 and the second hundreds on us, or they'll say, spend 100 and see how you do. And then six months, they'll say, Oh, well, if you spend 500, we'll give you 500 It is they just want to get you into advertising. And again, when done correctly, Google Ads can be fantastic. But just understand that it is it can be a money pit if it's not done correctly. So that's Google My Business in a nutshell and how you set up your account. Obviously, you have any questions, let us know. Support your Short Hills But that's how it's done.

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