I need more new patients!

Published:  July 10, 2019
I need more new patients!

If you need more new patients, you've come to the right place! There are a number of ways to get new patients including updating, adjusting or modifying your website, driving traffic with Search Engine Optimization, and lead generation.  However, there's something you must do before you invest in any solution; you need to find out "why."

The "Why" is the critical first step

In order to find a solution to the "I need more new patients" problem, we need to diagnose what the problem is, and then make a treatment plan to address the fix.

Traffic problem vs. messaging problem

Generally speaking, we find that the two most important data items to investigate are whether the site has a problem with traffic flow (are people coming to the site?) or a messaging problem (do people visit the site but they don't stick around to contact you?) .

For example, if we find that the site has a traffic problem, we need to consider ways to get more traffic such as with a PPC campaign or SEO campaign.

If however, there's adequate traffic but conversions are low, we then need to investigate how your visitors use your website and see what we can do to decrease bounce rates, for example, and consider enhancing call-to-action buttons (CTAs).

Let us help you make a diagnosis so you don't invest your marketing dollars in the wrong place!

If you'd like a customized, hand-researched and analyzed report, contact us today. Depending upon the size of your website, reports start as low as $399, and can save you thousands of dollars by focusing your marketing with data-driven evidence.

Traffic Projection Summary

Your Website Is Losing Money!

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