Local SEO for Dentists - Should I Be Posting on GPB?

Published:  November 27, 2023
Local SEO for Dentists - Should I Be Posting on GPB?

Posting on Your Dental Office's Google My Business Profile

It's a question that always comes up, "Should be spending my time posting on my Google Business Profile. Will doing so impact my local seo results?"

And the answer is yes - in combination with a comprehensive local SEO strategy for your dental practice. One of the problems with local SEO is that there are a number of factors that go into your rankings. And while we do have an appreciation for what these local ranking factors are, there's no way to tell you with certainty that doing more of this or - less of that will have an impact one way or another. The goal, therefore, is do vary your approach and try to touch all of the ranking factors at some level, while at the same time following the frustrating but true mantra, "because Google said so".

Watch Dr. David Wank Explain

In the video below, CEO and Founder of Short Hills Design, Dr. David Wank will go over his thoughts about whether or not you should be posting regularly on your GMB profile.


  • Google My Business posting frequency and ROI.0:00
    • Dentist, Dr. David Wank questions Google My Business posting frequency and ROI.
  • Google My Business optimization strategies.1:35
    • Dr. Wank emphasizes the importance of keeping Google My Business profiles fresh and up-to-date.
  • Improving Google My Business listings through optimization and content promotion.2:48
    • David Wank highlights an average 17% increase in phone calls per month for six clients through optimization of Google My Business listings.
  • Measuring ROI through Google My Business data.3:53
    • Dr. Wank explains how to measure ROI from Google My Business posts by tracking phone calls and production.
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