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Bing Gets a Redesign and Looks a Lot Like….Google

Yesterday (5/312) Bing released its redesigned search engine interface, which IMHO looks strangely like Google’s existing interface. It looks like Bing is now going for the “clean and simple” look – which has been a recent trend in web development. There’s no word yet as to whether or not their search algorithm has changed significantly, but at this point the change seems to be cosmetic only.
We in the industry always use Google as the search engine benchmark, but it will be interesting to see if the Bing redesign results in more traffic for websites that are listed on Bing.  Will people like the new BIng interface and click more?  So one of things that you may consider doing (or having your web people do) is taking a look at your web analytics to see if your traffic from Bing increases in the next few months (presumably due to their interface change).
Google still remains the goliath in the search engine business so I wouldn’t recommend altering your current SEO strategy to please Bing (especially if it’s working for you), but it will be interesting to see if this change affects your traffic.

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