Google and Mobile Usability Testing

Published:  March 28, 2015

Mobile Usability for Dental Websites: Two Quick Points
One of the items Google has stated they are going to be looking at in their algorithm update is mobile usability -- an evaluation of how easily mobile users can interact with your website.

Responsive Design will Become a Necessity for Modern Dental Web Design

Before we jump into this discussion, it's important to note that your website should be responsive, or you should be at least making plans to make the site responsive.  With that being said, two of the things that will be taken into consideration re: mobile usability are:

Two Mobile Usability Factors to Examine

1) The font size:  It's important that the font size on your website (and on the mobile-responsive version) has text that is appropriate for desktop users (for the desktop of course), and text that is appropriate for mobile (smartphone/tablet) users.
2) The positioning of touch elements: as many users are now using smartphones and tablets, it's increasingly important that the elements on your website (buttons, navigation items, etc) are spaced properly so that a user on a mobile device can easily interact with the website. You don't want a user to try to touch the "implants" button and wind up in the "denture" section. If will be frustrating for your users, and in an effort to make the web less frustrating, Google has added this point for evaluation.
Google's entire blog post is here if you'd like to read it on your own, but the two tips above will give you a bit of insight into what to look at for as the algorithm change approaches.

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