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Published:  September 6, 2015

The Google Publisher Tag - Linking your Website to your Office's Google+ Page

The Google Publisher Tag has been around for a while; it basically "connects" your practice's Google+ Page and your website -- it says to Google, "Hey Google. This Google+ page is the official Google+ Page that goes with this particular website".

2015 Revision - Google My Business

The Google Publisher tag needs to be implemented on your website, and this is often something that is done by or with the help of your web developer.  Linking the Google+ page, however, is very straightforward and something that you can easily do. I'm reviewing this process because with the introduction of Google My Business, the interface is slightly different.
Ultimately all you are doing is adding your practice's web address (URL) to your Google+ page for your office, and the only thing that has changed is the way that it's done:

YouTube video

Happy Google+-ing!

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