The Truth about SEO and Misspellings

Published:  November 21, 2012

In the past, it was important to target misspellings of words because search engines such as Google and Bing! did not always auto correct.  So if someone was looking for "implant dentest" instead of "implant dentist",a web page with the misspelling may appear high up in search engine listings.
Note, however, that purposely misspelling text for the goal of grabbing results from these misspellings is a big mistake.  Search engines are "smart" and they will not only automatically correct misspellings, but they will  give results based on what the search engine thinks the user was looking for.
In the example below I typed in "Implant Dentest" and look what Google did for me:

Google Automatically Corrects Misspellings

So while targeting misspellings was a reasonable approach in around 2002, in 2012 it's a big waste of time. So even if you tried to work with misspellings, you can clearly see that Google is actively working against you to make sure you can't.  So instead of trying to get results with this technique, take 10 minutes and write a 3 paragraph blog post about the topic you wanted to misspell.  You will find your results are exponentially better.

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