SHD Accountability

Is Your Dental Marketing Investment Making you Money?

Hold your Marketing Vendors Accountable

The most important question to ask when running any marketing campaign is whether or not you are getting a positive return on your investment (ROI) -- are you making more money from the marketing efforts than you are spending on the campaign?

Enter the "SHD Accountability" Program

At Short Hills Design, Dr. David Wank and his team have solved the problem with a unique new program, "SHD Accountability". The goal of the SHD Accountability service is simple - to help you figure out if your marketing efforts are worth it and making you money.

How does it work?

We work as an impartial third-party vendor whose sole job it is to integrate and consolidate your analytics and call data to help you determine the amount of revenue you are generating form your marketing campaigns. Whether you are marketing with SEO, paid ads, or even postcards, we can help you determine if your marketing spend is truly providing value.

Do you provide the marketing services?

While we also serve as a full-service marketing agency, our SHD Accountability program is a separate service, designed specifically for dentists who already have a marketing company and want to make sure that they are getting value for their marketing spend. With our SHD Accountability program, we do not provide the marketing services for you directly. Rather we help you configure your Google Analytics account and setup HIPAA-Compliant call tracking to gather, interpret and report on the data from your marketing campaign. In this manner we are able to tell how much revenue you generated from your marketing efforts, and are able to hold your marketing company accountable.

Get Started

To learn more about the program please get in touch and we'll setup a call with you and Dr. Wank to see if you are a candidate for the program.

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