Notice for Former Clients of The Visible Dentist

Published:  August 2, 2014

The Visible Dentist has Disappeared

It has come to our attention that "The Visible Dentist" seems to have disappeared, and the domain is no longer working.  Thus, clients of The Visible Dentist may find themselves without a website.
If you are a former client of the Visible Dentist and you need help trying to recover parts of your website, please call Dr. Wank at 973-715-9947 to discuss possible options.  You site cannot be "ported" as it seems that the sites are gone, but there may be a way to recover some parts of the site.
Certainly we are competitors of the visible dentist, -- and because we only work with WordPress website, we couldn't "convert" your site even if we wanted to.  But we have a protocol in place now that we use to help former clients of The Visible Dentist to "stabilize" what they have, with absolutely no commitment to us.
If you are a member of there is an extensive thread there that talks about the situation and some suggestions about options.

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