Special for Roya Customers

Roya is a great company that provides their clients with a comprehensive array of website, marketing and SEO services.

Roya Price Increase 2024

However, as prices and costs of services increase, you might seek out an alternative to Roya - for a company that can host your website for you and provide website maintenance services as needed without the hefty monthly fee for services you don't use or need. If this is something you are looking for, you've come to the right place!

Why Short Hills Design?

Short Hills Design is an Internet marketing firm designed for dentists, physicians and small business owners who want a personalized experience with an honest and reliable firm. The company was founded in 2008 by Harvard-trained dentist Dr. David Wank and he continues to work directly with our clients.

And while we do offer marketing packages, many of our clients take advantage of our a la carte services where they can choose only the services they need.

A Special Offer for Roya Customers

Roya uses a custom website builder to create your website, and because of the approach, you can't just "copy" a Roya website to another provider. If you want to leave Roya, you need to rebuild your website in another builder, and we recommend WordPress.

We will:

  • Convert your Roya website to WordPress: $2500-$3500 depending on the complexity of the site. This way YOU own your website no matter what.
  • Host your website at: $125/mo x12.
  • Make updates to your website only as needed with no monthly fee at : $175/hr.

Let's look at the math so you can see the savings:

  • Year 1: $3500 website conversion (estimated max) + $1500 hosting for the year + $175 for one hour of website changes = $5175.
  • And while we have no commitment and you can migrate your website away at any time (it's WordPress, after all), your Year 2 fee would be: $1500 for hosting for the year + $350 (assume two hours of updates needed) = $1850.

Thus, two years with Short Hills Design will cost you approximately $7,000 AND you will own your own website. Compare this to the cost of staying with Roya for two years and if the difference is significant for you, please get in touch!

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