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If you've made it this far it's likely that you are concerned because some part of your Internet Marketing strategy isn't generating the new patient or new client numbers that you'd like. Fortunately, Dr. Wank has developed the roadmap below to help guide you in solving this problem. The links below will open in a new browser window so you always have this roadmap handy.

(If you already know that you need a new website, please start by reading about our unique proactive web design philosophy or get in touch with us now).

The Roadmap

Step 1:  You might need a new website, and you might not. You might need to drive more traffic to your website, or you might need to first do a better job converting your existing website visitors.  Without looking at data, however, you can't make a reliable determination of which direction to go and what your business needs to convert more leads to new clients. Thus, before we can decide what the best solution is for you, we need to do a diagnosis and determine the problem.  This diagnosis is a traffic vs. messaging study which you can learn more about here. 

Step 2: Learn more about Dr. David Wank and the team at Short Hills Design, and why small businesses love to work with us.

Step 3: Browse our portfolio to see what we can do at Short Hills Design. 

Step 4: Download a free copy of Dr. Wank's book, "The Small Business Web Design Workbook" providers (being re-written in progress). This link will open in a new browser tab.

Step 5:  Join our private "Small Business Internet Marketing"  Facebook group. This link will open in a new browser tab.

Step 6: Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Wank.

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