How to Forward a Domain Name at

Published:  February 7, 2012

This video tutorial will show you how to forward one domain name to another domain name. For example, if you want to make it so that when people navigate to they are automatically forwarded to, then this video will show you how to do so.

YouTube video

An important caveat to consider, however, is that if you forward one domain name to another domain name without using what's called a 301 redirect, then you may lose some of your search engine rankings for your pages.
The reason is because when search engines rank web pages, they store the URL of the page.  If the URL of the page has changed (e.g .you've forwarded the domain) then when people click on the link there will be no page there (as the link will be pointing toward the OLD page).  It's similar to not giving ar forwarding address when you move.  If you don't tell the newspaper company that you've moved, all they will find when they deliver the paper is an empty house.
The technical aspects of implementing 301 redirects are beyond the scope of this video, but if you have web pages that rank well on search engines, do NOT forward your domain until you've discussed 301 redirects and the SEO implications with your web developer.

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