BackupBuddy Timeouts on GoDaddy Hosting

Published:  January 11, 2016

Backupbuddy is one of the BEST WordPress plugins I've ever worked with, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. (And full disclosure: we are affiliates  Backupbuddy makes backing up and restoring/migrating your WordPress website a breeze, and with their fantastic customer support, it's a no-brainer for any WordPress website owner.

My Issue: BackupBuddy Backups were not Completing on GoDaddy Shared Hosting

I'm writing this post because BackupBuddy backups were timing out on one of our client's GoDaddy shared hosting plan.  We love GoDaddy for domains, but not so much for hosting (but I digress). (the makers of BackupBuddy) replied promptly to my support ticket and gave me the following advice -- which worked perfectly!
Here are the steps support gave me to try to make BackupBuddy work with GoDaddy shared hosting -- and it worked.

  1. Settings->Advanced, Zip section
  2. Enable Zip compression
  3. Select Alternate Zip System
  4. Set Zip Build Strategy to Multi-burst/Multi-step
  5. Set Max time per chunk to 90 (seconds)
  6. Set Max content size for a single burst to 20 (MB) - leave Min at default 10

So if you are using GoDaddy shared hosting and having an issue with BackupBuddy, try the above to see if it works for you!
Oh, and here's our "How to Get Backup Buddy" video with our affiliate link -- just for kicks.
You can find it here.
Note that the plan you will now need (if you have <=2 sites) is the "Blogger" plan.

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