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Backup Buddy Error Messages

BackupBuddy Errors and Notifications

BackupBuddy by is the backup plugin that we recommend and use for our sites and our client sites.  BackupBuddy functions by automatically creating a nightly backup of your WordPress website.
Important Concepts:

  1. A WordPress website “lives” online and as such you cannot backup a WordPress website as you would copy a Word document or PDF file.  BackupBuddy, therefore, does all the heavy lifting for you.
  2. When you purchase the BackupBuddy plugin from (sold yearly), your purchase includes 1GB of storage for your website backups.  BackupBuddy calls this storage space “Stash” or “BackupBuddy Stash”.
  3. We have configured your BackupBuddy account to automatically send the daily backups to your personal BackupBuddy Stash account. In this manner, you always have an accessible copy of your website at your fingertips.

BackupBuddy Notifications
The two most common BackupBuddy notifications are that (1) a backup timed-out or didn’t run and (2) that your Stash account is out of space or does not have enough space in it to fit the backup file.
As these are separate issues, we have created two blog posts to explain these issues in more detail:
BackupBuddy timing out errors
BackupBuddy storage space errors

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