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Why Choose WordPress for Dental and Medical Web Design

Why we use WordPress for Dental Website Development The majority of the websites we now develop are WordPress-based websites because WordPress offers tremendous flexibility when it comes to adding website features and making layout changes. Here's a quick summary of…

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The Dental Internet Marketing Workflow

As a website forms the core foundation for all a dental office’s online marketing efforts, it is critical to have an esthetic, patient-friendly and “SEO-Ready” website that works to convert new patients. As outlined in Dr. Wank’s book, The Web…

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Practice Acquisition Website Checklist

You Need More than Just the Website! Whenever you acquire a new practice, it's important to make sure you secure access to more than just the old practice's website. There are a number of items that you will need for…

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Do You Trust Your Dentist?

People Have to Trust your Website (this article is a reply I originally wrote to a post about website trust on We eat in a particular restaurant because it appears clean (we can't see what really goes on in…

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