Managing Multiple Google My Business Profiles (Google Business Profile) for Dentists and Physicians

Published:  June 30, 2022
Managing Multiple Google My Business Profiles (Google Business Profile) for Dentists and Physicians

Before we start with the actual content of this post, Google has once again done a product rename. What was formerly known as Google My Business is now Google Business Profile.

How many Google Business Profiles should a dental practice have?

1. Google My Business from the perspective of locations

In general every dental or medical practice should have at least one GMB (GBP) profile for each physical location. If you only have one office then make sure you have a verified profile for the practice in the practice's name. Doing so will allow you to generate reviews for the practice, and take advantage of NAP (name, address, phone number) listings to help bolster the listing.

If you have multiple practice locations then you should consider having a GMB listing for each office. A few caveats for this approach:

  1. If you are a very large group of practices all under the same corporate name and each practice acts semi-independently, you might consider getting reviews for each location individually.
  2. If you are a practice that has multiple locations, but one location is a main or primary location and the other locations are satellite offices, then consider driving all reviews to the main location's GMB listing.

Regardless of whether you take approach 1 or 2 above, do not add a location to the GMB property's name. For example, if your business is ABC123 Dental Corporation, all of your GMB listings should be for "ABC123 Dental Corporation" but with different address, phone numbers, etc. However, what you should NOT do is this: "ABC123 Dental Corporation - New York", " or "ABC123 Dental Corporation - Los Angeles". Adding information that is not in the businesses' official business name is against Google's policies, and it considered GMB spam.

Similarly, do not add services to the title of your listing. For example, "ABC123 Dental Corporation - Dental Implants" would also be a violation of GMB's listing policies.

2. Google My Business from the perspective of practitioners

Here's where the waters get a little murky...

If you are an associate or a junior member of the practice, you might consider having your own GMB listing. With this approach, Dr. Indiana Jones who works at "ABC123 Dental Corporation" would have his own GMB listing for "Dr. Indiana Jones" - but with the address and other information for ABC1234 Dental Corporation. Thus, if patients want to write reviews specifically for Dr. Jones, they can do so, and if Dr. Jones ever leaves the practice, he can take his reviews with him.

Google wants individual practitioners to have their own GMB listings independent of the practice's listing, but in practical terms it becomes very difficult to start managing and/or combining GMB listings if and when Dr. Jones wants to start his own practice. For example, if he is a junior partner at ABC1234 Dental Corporation, but then leaves to open his own practice at "Dr. Indiana Jones Dental Corporation" he would now have two GMB profiles -- the one for the new office and his old "Dr. Jones" profile. We've dealt with a client in a situation exactly like this in the past, where Google refused to merge the two listings, even though they were both ostensibly for the doctor. Ultimately we decided to leave the "Dr. listing" alone and directed all reviews moving forward to the practice's GMB page.

In summary, if you have more than one practice location for the same practice, simply create an additional GMB profile for the location and drive reviews to the main location. But if you have multiple practices that are independent locations, also create separate listings and but solicit reviews separately for each practice. And if you are an associate, consider having your own GMB profile so you can collect your own reviews which you can take with you at a later date.

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